Our Process


After your initial contact with KohlMark Builders Inc. or KMF, one of our representatives will schedule a time to meet with you at your home or our office.

This is a time to get acquainted, learn about each other and discuss design options and cost implications for your project. Please have a copy of your plat on hand as well as your wish list and a general idea of your budget for this meeting.

We will provide information about KohlMark Builders Inc., including references, reprints of publications, and other pertinent information to help you with your selection process. If you choose to move forward with KohlMark Builders Inc., we will prepare a contract for your review and approval. KohlMark Builders Inc. uses the American Institute of Architects Contract Document Series.


If you engage our architect-teaming partner, Kohlmark Flach Architects (KFA), they use the following process. If you have chosen a different architect, we can work with them as well.

Field Measuring and Project Evaluation — KFA’s first step in the process is to accurately measure your house and prepare plans and elevations that reflect existing conditions. They will research your zoning for setbacks and any other restrictions that may impact your project. If you live in a historic district or a neighborhood with an architectural review board, KFA will review those guidelines to ensure compliance before we begin designing.

Preliminary Conference — Once KFA has drawings of your existing house and setback information, they will sit down for a thorough project discussion. This is the ideal time to bring photos and magazine clippings of projects or design ideas that you like. The project vision will start to take shape during this meeting.

Preliminary Design and Budgeting — A few weeks after the preliminary conference, KFA will meet again and present you with 2-3 schemes that provide different approaches to the design solution. KFA will draw these schemes in plan and elevation and will include preliminary cost estimates. Typically, one scheme will stand out as the favorite and will be refined until you are completely satisfied.

Trade Day — In order to provide detailed and accurate pricing for your project, we set aside one day for all of our trade subcontractors to visit your house to review existing systems and site conditions.

The electrician will evaluate your panel; the mechanical contractor will review your HVAC system and evaluate expansion options, etc. After this “trade day,” each subcontractor will provide a detailed cost for their portion of the work.

We will provide multiple bids for some of the major items such as windows to provide value options and ensure competitive numbers.

Pricing — Our pricing is fully transparent and entirely open-book. This approach creates a team attitude and instills a level of trust not typically found in the construction business.

We assemble all the subcontractors pricing along with allowances into a spreadsheet that details and itemizes each cost. All pricing and associated costs are available for your review. Our wholesale contractor pricing is passed directly on to you. Once we have a confirmed project budget, we move forward with detailed construction documents.

Construction Documents and Final Selections — The construction documents are the detailed drawings that include structural and electrical drawings and all of the construction material details required to build your project.

KMF will coordinate with any required consultants during this stage including soil engineers, civil and structural engineers, and landscape architects. The completed drawings will satisfy all permit and bank lending requirements. While we are preparing these drawings, you will be out making your final selections for tile, hardwood, countertops, etc.

Final Pricing and Construction Contract — After the final drawings are complete, KohlMark Builders Inc. will have our subcontractors review the plans one more time for any changes or items that may not have been included in the preliminary drawing. With this information, we will prepare the construction contract.


Permitting — KohlMark Builders Inc. will coordinate and manage the entire permit submission process for you. This includes presenting to architectural review boards and processing any required variances. Once all permits are issued, we are ready to start construction!

Pre-Construction Meeting — You will be assigned a project manager who will be responsible for the construction of your project. During this meeting, your project manager will review expectations and systems for construction. We will address work hours, material storage, forms and any of your special needs or concerns.

The project manager will provide a master schedule and inform you of any deadlines requiring your feedback, such as selecting lighting fixtures or paint colors. You will be given complete access to your project manager, including email and cell phone number, deciding the best means of communication moving forward. You will also agree on a time for a weekly meeting at the jobsite.

Construction Meetings — You will meet weekly with your project manager. During these meetings, you will review progress, sign work authorizations to approve selections or changes and review a schedule for the next two weeks.

This detailed two-week schedule will allow you to anticipate decisions and activities that will be occurring on site. As needed, the architect will attend the meeting to address any design issues and or questions.

Construction – During construction, we treat your home as if it was our own. We post jobsite rules that prohibit smoking and profanity. Most importantly we select subcontractors who are experts. They understand the importance of minimizing their impact on your life and are respectful of the fact that you are allowing them into your home.

Final Inspections and Punch List — When construction is complete, we will arrange for all final inspections with the county. After you have settled in, we will schedule a meeting to walk the project and generate a punch list of any items that might need attention. The list is typically quite small and reflects our attention to detail, quality control and management oversight. Final payment is due when the punch list is complete.

Systems Orientation — Upon completion of construction, your project manager will provide all documentation and warranty information for the products and systems installed in your home. We will walk you through the operation of your heating and air conditioning, show you the location of hose bib shut offs and review any necessary maintenance procedures.

Warranty — Your KohlMark Builders Inc. project is covered by a full one-year warranty. After many months of acclimating, nail pops and other items may need attention. We will come out near the end of the one-year period and repair any of these items.