Art Studio Addition

Location: Lake Barcroft, VA

The owners of this 1960s ranch were looking to modernize and expand their home to meet their changing needs. Splitting their time between two locations, the retired couple wanted to make changes to fulfill their artistic endeavors and keep them close to their grown children. With an artist in the house, the addition was to focus on a studio space, filled with light and suitable for artistic pursuits. Additional work was to focus on a new foyer, expanding the dining room and completely renovating the kitchen and adding a new, expanded master suite.

A rectangular glass enclosure was added to the front of the house and serves as the homes cozy art studio. Glass walls flood the space with light while honey-colored hardwood floors provide visual warmth and comfort under foot. They also reflect the materials typically found in traditional studio spaces. With glass on both sides of the studio, light penetrates deep inside the house and provides excellent views from within.

The dining room was extended and a cathedral ceiling was introduced to create volume and a sense of openness. The gentle slope of the ceiling is not only architecturally interesting but it reinforces some of the angularity that creates the modern feel of the interior. The use of rich woods and a neutral palette contribute to the calm and inviting spaces. Despite the somewhat traditional exterior, the interior renovations and modifications make the home much more livable and suitable as a creative oasis for family, friends and artists. With the expanded floor plan comes added wall space, so important in displaying their art.