Contemporary Pool House

Location: Vienna, VA

Modernism and traditionalism are just steps away from each other at this Vienna Virginia pool house. The main house, built by another national homebuilder, draws upon tradition, but the pool house, speaks the language of contemporary minimalism. It presents clean lines and a soaring roofline overhanging tall glass doors and clerestory windows. Great design, careful attention to detail, first-rate materials and impeccable craftsmanship have yielded a spectacular solution for outdoor entertaining. With a fireplace and every conceivable convenience under roof, this pool house might just be the perfect escape for inclement weather as well.

The pool house was designed with a simple elongated plan parallel to the pool and side yard fence, maximizing the view and parental control of the outdoor patio and pool from the existing home (as desired by the owners). A simple shed roof was utilized to create the contemporary spaces and open the pool house to both the yard and pool. Simple contemporary cabinets were used in the kitchen, while the interior was organized to accommodate the wishes of the clients and maintain views of the yard from all of the spaces. Carefully selected lighting was used throughout the project to create special effects in the evening and the same travertine that was used for the pool deck was incorporated in the pool house in order to tie the pool house to the surrounding landscape as desired.

Photography: ©Greg Hadley