Detached Garage

Location: Oakton, VA

The existing residence featured a three-car garage, but additional parking, recreational and storage space was needed. We were hired to design and build a two-story detached garage to the right of the owners existing driveway and residence. The program called for a two-car garage with a generous storage area and half bath on the ground floor and a large, open play room and full bath upstairs. The specific location and proximity to the residence posed immediate challenges. A large swale that served as a natural watershed ran through the middle of the proposed site and the mature landscaping would have been damaged or destroyed if we elected to re-grade. To mitigate these problems, a large pipe was installed under the entire length of the garage and a new drainage system was incorporated into the landscaping.

Blending the new detached garage with the existing 12-year old residence presented its own challenges and required an extensive search to locate matching brick. Once sourced, brick details from the existing residence were carefully integrated into the new garage, while the doors on the existing three-car garage were replaced with the same carriage house doors used on the new detached garage. Three brick piers with pre-cast tops and specialty lighting anchor a wrought iron fence, which connects the new garage to the existing residence. Matching the brick and sharing elements proved to be the perfect solution for seamless integration.

Photography: ©Greg Hadley