Lake Barcroft Contemporary

Location: Lake Barcroft, VA

This spectacular renovation started as a tired old two-story split-level home. Originally built in the 1960’s, the home had little curb appeal and did not take advantage of the striking lakefront views or provide much in the way of modern amenities. The clients budget didn’t allow for a complete tear down, so they zeroed in on a new front foyer, improved street presentation, a two-story family room, a new kitchen, a new master suite and a two-car garage. The new design was to be modern, open, filled with light, and showcase expansive lake views.

To minimize cost and environmental impact we set out to reuse as much of the existing footprint and structure as possible. Since the house was located in a resource protection area, the size and location of the new addition was restricted by set back from the lake. This limiting factor yielded creative solutions. By elevating and reusing the existing carport roof (which was too low) we were able to convert the space into a two-car garage without expanding the homes footprint. We reused the fireplaces too. The existing masonry fireplace was extended and clad in stone throughout the interior and now serves as a visual anchor through the open two-story space.

The roof was raised, bringing natural passive sunlight into the home and defining the front entry. The shed roof refined front entrance and improved the street presentation while addressing with the existing split-level entrance. With glass railings, open stair risers, a vaulted ceiling and floor to ceiling windows, the lower level no longer feels like a basement.

It was difficult to incorporate new HVAC systems throughout the home. The old under slab duct was decayed and could not be used. It was filled with concrete. Special care and coordination was taken in order to minimize the use of bulk heads too. Special recessed and path lighting illuminates the home in the evening and creates a spectacular effect from the lake at night.