Twin Parking Pavilions

Location: Occoquan, VA

The initial concept for the twin pavilions was governed by the site’s park-like setting, aggressive 45° slope to the water and need for multiple parking spaces. The steep ridge was void of level surfaces to park cars, so fill dirt excavated for the main home’s basement provided the necessary backfill to create the foundation for the pavilions. Aside from their most obvious use, the pavilions were always intended as multi-use spaces. With water, electricity, lighting and a hidden back-up generator, the pavilions are ideal for family gatherings, viewing nature and any outdoor endeavor requiring some protection from the elements. The open design, timber-frame construction and use of natural stone compliment the main home, preserve the water views and allow the pavilions to virtually disappear among the trees. Their symmetrical design and placement frame the home, provide visual balance and create a dramatic entrance that is both visually stunning and worthy of any National Park.

Photography: ©Greg Hadley